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Ekaterina Sikalas is a new Australian designer. This cutting edge brand specialises in hand made, one off couture christening gowns, jewellery/ woman/men & babies, and ceremonial candles.

Beautifully hand crafted gowns and accessories with attention to detail and quality. This brand offers a unique, modern and exciting range of christening gowns and accessories. All hand made personally by the designer. All made in Australia.


New fashion label/ brand. Ekaterina Sikalas/ Designer. Australian made. Australian designer. Couture clothing and jewellery. One of kind/ one off clothing, jewellery. Children, babies, women, men.

European Summer

  Resort Wear

Resort Wear



Hi my name is Ekaterina. My passion is truely fashion. I love to design & create. Everything on my website is personally hand made by me. I love using different colours, textures, & mediums. Right from my jewellery collection to my new range of Leisure Resort Wear. Everything is made right here in Australia. Designed & owned.


This collection is inspired by European Summer holiday. A celebration of style, beauty, colour, & originality.

I wanted to create multi functional pieces  that can be worn from the beach, bar, or even shopping on the stylish islands of Greece. That each piece has its own charm, and elegance that takes you to a wonderful dreamland of high quality fabrics & style.

These pieces are produced with love and attention. Each piece is hand made with all those principles in mind.